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Memorial Day 2002

Linda Pribyl posted this message at the site:


While planning this year’s party, we decided that this year will be the easiest and the best. The party on Saturday will have an Americana Theme so pull out your blue shorts, white shirt and red hat, grab your flag and plan to have a lot of fun. For the rest of the time, we’ve decided to make it an international pot luck. (International dress is optional but will make it more fun – I think Italian translates to TOGA) JoAnne told me some of the things she will be preparing and if any of you have a favorite dish that is not on the menu and that you would like to share, that would be great. Just let me know.

Several people have asked what they could bring. We have put the following menu together and the items that have been left blank are up for grabs. Please let me know what you would like to bring and I will fill it in on the master. Also, if anyone has any menu suggestions, let me know.

I will need an idea of how many will be here before I go shopping and for those who need to know how many people to prepare their dishes for. So please be sure to let me know as soon as you can.

The hot tub will be waiting for all of us to relax in so bring your suit.

Pribyl-McCord reunion May 10-12, 2003

An important message from Grandma Peggy (you may have already received this by email):

"Asilomar wants a tentative list of how many rooms we will need. The McCord bunch have counted 16 rooms plus the Leonard and Richard Atkinson families for Sunday only. Please E-mail or phone me if you can plan this. (its OK to cancel later if something intervenes.) Don't let $ enter into your decision, cause Dad and I can help on that score.

Time: Saturday, Sat. May 10 , 3 PM check in until 12 noon check out Monday, May 12. We're planning to all stay in the North Woods Area. Spindrift has 11 rooms and seems to have an ocean view and is near the swimming pool , also Breakers has 19 rooms and is close to both. When we know how many, we can request the building we want.

We're looking to choose the Historic accommodations. I'll copy off those rates. (adult per night)

Accommodations Single Double 3 and up Youth

Historic $127.86 $84.39 $65.96 $53.74
per adult per adult per adult per child 3-17

You can choose to stay one night, two nights, or come on Sunday for a Day person for $8, and buy meal tickets for the meals. The room rates include all meals.

You can have four to a room. They will supply roll-away beds. I can make a copy of the 4 page information sheets, if you want, and snail mail them to you. This list is temporary with no penalty for reductions, so if you think you might, just let me know how many rooms, we can give them a different number in February 2003. Asilomar is a beautiful spot between Monterey and Carmel, California. It will be good to see and/or meet our extended family. For those who don't know, Isabel Richardson McCord is my cousin, Grandma Rachel's sister Muriel's daughter."

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